Shisei – Forces That Shape Us

17 08 2010

I just finished some minor surgery in dealing with my current battle with cancer. And although we have a good plan of action, the process is not easy. The chemo is kicking my butt and in order to proceed to the radiation phase, they had to pull all my teeth and I had to have a tracheotomy in order to be able to breathe during surgery. It’s easy to start thinking negatively when you have several things going on at once that challenges your positive attitude and it’s great when you surround yourself with other success oriented people to help you stay focused on the good. In this case Diana and Penny were here to remind me of some of the things I had written and shared with them. It’s hard to argue against what you teach, isn’t it?

They reminded me that there are a lot of things which influence us – what we read, what we say, who we hang out with, our teachers, our mentors, etc. The biggest threat to our success is not those that try and destroy our dreams by being negative, but it is the self doubts we allow to enter our own minds that are the real threat. As modern warriors we know that our toughest opponent is the one in the mirror – ourselves.

The Japanese word is Shisei and translates as shape/forces or in other words the forces that shape our lives. At the very foundation it is about the attitude you maintain because that shapes what we see and hear. A true warrior knows that you are guaranteed victory as long as you don’t quit, but of course it is not just staying busy but doing the right things. In classical karate, it is doing the correct method and techniques as passed down for generations based on success principles. The Japanese have a saying “nan korobi ya oki” or “fall seven times – get up eight”, and this is the foundation to Tamashi or “indomitable spirit”.

As a student develops confidence and leadership skills through classical martial arts, they begin to start demonstrating this winning attitude in all areas of their lives because what works on the battlefield works in business and in our personal relationships as well.

I learned a long time ago that teaching is very powerful because you get to see and hear success principles when you learn them and also again when you share them with others. Hearing them again from your senior students reminds you once again of the power of influence our words and thoughts have on us, our attitude and our success.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share with others, it will make you stronger.

To Your success,

Terry Bryan, Founder
Warriorwiz Success Systems




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