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26 09 2011

Dear Fellow Martial Arts School Owner,

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To Your Success,

Terry Bryan

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25 08 2011

At a staff meeting this week we started discussing the role of humility for the classical martial artist. So often today we see martial artists that are all about themselves… they work only on the technical portion of their martial arts so they can fight in the ring or for a plastic trophy at a sports tournament. Yet they miss the most valuable portion of the training that is available to them through developing their mind and their character through their training. Classical martial arts training is based on universal principles that can be applied everywhere… on the training floor, in the ring, in the boardroom, and even in our daily relationships. These martial artists who chase glory for its own sake miss one of the main principles of classical martial arts… the idea of humility.

If you look in the dictionary you will see Humility defined as: the quality or state of being humble and that humble is defined as:

1: modest or meek in spirit or manner; not proud or bold

2: low in rank or status
But modest or meek does not mean weak. The Japanese have a saying that the stalk of rice with the most grain bows the lowest. Like the Tai Chi instructors that define their moves as iron wrapped in cotton, what looks soft and flowing generates power and so what you may see as weak in reality is not. Some of the most talented martial artists I have met from around the world are also the most humble.

For those of you that have spent a lot of time in Asia, then you know that there is a lot to learn about bowing and showing respect to others. We train ourselves to bow when we enter the dojo, when meeting others and to the teachers from the old days whenever we start a class. As classical martial artists… we are constantly reminded through our training that we have not arrived yet. Just when you think you are getting something down, you are introduced to new material that reminds you that you don’t have it all yet, or you move up in rank and seem to be starting all over again. All this helps us remember we put our pants on the same as everyone else, one leg at a time.

In my personal life I have been through extremes; from being on international TV showing off catching arrows to a month later having cancer and not being able to get out of bed without help. My recent round of chemo created several side effects and when we would try and stop one, two more would take its place. Definitely a humbling experience for any old warrior. There are still lessons to be learned even at this point in my life and I have not yet arrived.

But I have been blessed with many great teachers and role models including Jim Mather, Dan Smith, Fred Absher and many more outstanding martial artists that demonstrate what humility really is. These elite teachers never let their ego get in the way and focus on doing the right thing for the right reason. These gentle warriors give back to their community in many ways and yet are some of the most humble men out there. There is much that we can all learn from their example, and from the principles our classical martial arts are based upon.

Shisei – Forces That Shape Us

17 08 2010

I just finished some minor surgery in dealing with my current battle with cancer. And although we have a good plan of action, the process is not easy. The chemo is kicking my butt and in order to proceed to the radiation phase, they had to pull all my teeth and I had to have a tracheotomy in order to be able to breathe during surgery. It’s easy to start thinking negatively when you have several things going on at once that challenges your positive attitude and it’s great when you surround yourself with other success oriented people to help you stay focused on the good. In this case Diana and Penny were here to remind me of some of the things I had written and shared with them. It’s hard to argue against what you teach, isn’t it?

They reminded me that there are a lot of things which influence us – what we read, what we say, who we hang out with, our teachers, our mentors, etc. The biggest threat to our success is not those that try and destroy our dreams by being negative, but it is the self doubts we allow to enter our own minds that are the real threat. As modern warriors we know that our toughest opponent is the one in the mirror – ourselves.

The Japanese word is Shisei and translates as shape/forces or in other words the forces that shape our lives. At the very foundation it is about the attitude you maintain because that shapes what we see and hear. A true warrior knows that you are guaranteed victory as long as you don’t quit, but of course it is not just staying busy but doing the right things. In classical karate, it is doing the correct method and techniques as passed down for generations based on success principles. The Japanese have a saying “nan korobi ya oki” or “fall seven times – get up eight”, and this is the foundation to Tamashi or “indomitable spirit”.

As a student develops confidence and leadership skills through classical martial arts, they begin to start demonstrating this winning attitude in all areas of their lives because what works on the battlefield works in business and in our personal relationships as well.

I learned a long time ago that teaching is very powerful because you get to see and hear success principles when you learn them and also again when you share them with others. Hearing them again from your senior students reminds you once again of the power of influence our words and thoughts have on us, our attitude and our success.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share with others, it will make you stronger.

To Your success,

Terry Bryan, Founder
Warriorwiz Success Systems

Your True North Principle

18 04 2010

Your True North

Something to make you go hummm..

I have had the great privilege of studying and training with some the greatest teachers in the world in the martial arts, on combat strategies, as well as business and marketing strategies and I am here to tell you that the key principles are all the same. One of those key principles is what I call True North. I have heard this talked about from many sources from all over the world. Even in ancient Chinese texts of classical martial arts training they begin with, “start by facing north”.

I was blessed with a father that taught me directions from the day I could walk. He would quiz me and out of the blue and ask, “Which way is north?” That training, along with my upbringing from elders from the Cherokee reservation and being raised on a farm, had a tremendous impact in my life and I truly believe I am alive today because of my understanding of this, and a few other key principles. When traveling, if you always know where north is and a general idea of the lay of the land and current trends, you will never get lost.

True north however, is not just directional, it also applied to key principles and directions you choose in other areas as well. Like a journey of a thousand miles beginning with one step, it is easy to get off track unless you have a compass or something to help remind you of your long term objective or goal. Living a life based on true principles and constantly checking your compass to insure you are not drifting off course is the key to success in many areas, not just walking in the woods or taking a trip. It applies to our journey or path in life as well.

With the changes in the economy, many business owners and investors are jumping ship from their true north into many unknown markets and strategies because of fear and they have forgotten who they are, what they are about and the key principles their business was designed around in the first place. One example is I see many people dropping their prices to compete because of the recession when they should be focusing on adding value to their product or service making them priceless. Face it, you can’t compete with Walmart and their “Save Money, Live Better” mission statement of providing lowest prices every day. What are you going to do? Somewhat lower costs, some of the time, on some products? You may want to rethink that one.
Boom markets allow for many business flaws and derivations from their key principles to work and yet when we have a recession, they are exposed, and sometimes with deadly consequences. Usually there are only a half a dozen key variables that you need to pay attention to in order to be successful, around six usually. McDonalds designed a three legged stool as their foundation; Disney created a huge business wrapped around one main idea.

The early Chinese philosophers broke down everything in the universe into 5 elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and later Sun Tzu identified four major areas to focus on in combat which were knowing, foreseeing, moving and positioning. Sure there are a lot of little details in each of the main categories but in reality only four major areas to concentrate on. I have successfully used these four key areas successfully with clients in over 50 industries and having this basic foundation with the clients core belief systems help develop the businesses true north.

In today’s market, some industries have been decimated like many real estate investors, mortgage lenders and some have been targeted by the government to erase from the roles including private health insurance and college lending. What separates the successful entrepreneur with those that find themselves out of business is their lack of knowledge, vision, movement and position, just like Sun Tzu wrote 2500 years ago. Having a true north principle as a base to always go back to is mandatory, especially in times requiring movement and repositioning. Let me give you a couple of examples of making decisions based on true north principles that you may relate to.

The founders of Okinawan karate believed that the only purpose for it’s use was for a surprise attack or for a conflict that escalates to a physical confrontation. They also realized that the most extreme opponent was one who attacked in combinations, so the foundation of their training is based on knowledge of the principles of combat, being aware and how to move to make sure that an opponent could only throw one attack and never combinations through their positions. This is practiced over and over again through their training in kata or forms and one step sparring. This is an example of a very basic true north principle that helped create a very detailed martial art.

Another example is based around Heavyweight Champion George Foreman where he was offered millions of dollars to hang his name on a restaurant chain but refused because alcohol would be served there. This was a decision based on his true north principle and not diluting his brand. The decision to not do the deal by the restaurant was smart because the numbers show a restaurant without a bar just would not have been profitable and the decision for George was equally right – for him.

Your personal or business mission statement should highlight your true north principles and should be used as a guiding light when you gather the information, predict the future based on this information

To Your Success,
Terry Bryan

27 09 2009

To See What Others Do Not See

7 06 2008

To See What Others Do Not See

There is an old Shaolin Monk saying which described the legendary Shaolin Monks as having incredible abilities, almost mystic in nature:
“When Looked For Could Not be Seen,
When Felt For Could Not Be Touched,
When listened for Could Not be Heard…

In reality, their incredible skills were developing the ability to see what others did not see and to hear what others did not hear. This ability is called Zanshin in Japanese which means total awareness and probably best described in English as intuition. The Latin translation of intuition is best described as “in to you” and it describes the process of taking information from the outside world and bringing that with meaning into your knowledge base. Two people can see the same thing and have completely different things. The ability to see the little things is the real difference between success and failure.

I survived 3 combat tours in South East Asia because I indeed developed a sense of awareness. As a dog handler, I learned early on to depend on the dog’s eyes and ears because he could indeed see and hear things I could not which in many situations made a difference between life and death. There were other things I had the ability to hear but did not understand and yet later became second nature to my survival. For example, at time the insects and small animals would go silent, almost undetectable to the average person, but to the trained warrior you knew that meant that someone was approaching. These little signs are everywhere and many times become instinct even if you don’t know exactly what is cause your “Gut Feeling”.

These subtle signs are everywhere from personal relationships to successful business operations. In many of the mastermind groups I belong to, one of the most valuable information you walk away with is developing the ability to see something in the eyes of another person, especially a successful person in a field you are interested in.

With the help of many mentors and coaches over the years, I have now developed the ability to look at a real estate investment opportunity or a business and very quickly identify the issues needed to correct to improve performance. Much like the times I spent working with elite athletes and helping them reach their peak performance, many times it takes just a few minor adjustments.

To develop your inner awareness it is important to work on detachment and seeing things the way they really are, not how you wished them to be. Once you understand the truth, or as my mentor Dan Kennedy would say, “The NO BS Truth” then you can create realistic goals and action plans. Later you can use your mental powers to create the future that you desire.

Don’t ever underestimate your abilities to feel the truth or what is called the 6th sense. In my opinion, women have developed this to a higher level than men and because of this, if Diana ever tells me something just doesn’t feel right, I will stop… go back and relook at everything before making a decision.
I think martial artists are good at developing this awareness because of their relaxation or mediation techniques most styles use. By letting the mind go a few minutes a day, you let the subconscious take over and grow. Many people have found that if they ever have a problem that during the meditation process the answer comes to them, or maybe taking a walk and thinking of something else completely, that all of a sudden it just comes to them out of nowhere.

Once you learn to combine the ability to sense or feel the right solution; combined with the specialized knowledge you get from hanging out with other successful people, you will be amazed of your achievements. While getting the specialized knowledge you need in the field you are working on is important, don’t neglect training your inner self. You may indeed discover your most powerful weapon of all.

To Your Success,
Terry Bryan

Liars Are Liars

21 05 2008

I recently attended a Jim Rohn seminar and he was discussing how you shouldn’t let other people’s negative behavior impact your life and what you are trying to achieve. When met with a person that cuts you off while you are driving down the road, your instinct may be to get upset, yell, scream and possible some non-verbal gesture. In reality, what good does that do?

You may think, but they shouldn’t cut me off. Well, no, that is what they do, that is why they are called cutter offers. We get upset when someone treats us bad, does something dishonest or lies to us. Here is a simple truth – liars lie.

I once heard that leopards don’t change their spots. What is meant by that is that the best way to predict future behavior is from past behavior. A person that has cheated you in the past, or has lied to you previously has a good likely- hood they will do it again.

In the world of marketing we say there is no failure, only testing. We are always looking for the slight change we can make to our business and marketing systems just a little better. So when we try a new headline or an offer, you will probably have one of three things happen… it will improve response, decrease response or you will have no change. At that point you have additional information upon which to make decisions on.

My mentor and friend Dan Kennedy always suggests giving a tremendous guarantee on any product or service you provide. Of course this will increase initial response and get more people to take you up on the offer, but it also serves another objective as well. Once someone asks for their money back, they have identifies themselves as a person that may indeed be a person you do not want to do business with in the future. In any situation where someone asks for a refund on a product or service where we delivered everything we promised, we take them off our list, never market to them again and in fact, will not offer them the opportunity to do business with us in the future.

Harsh you say? Maybe so and indeed you may lose a few dollars selling them a lower price product or something in the future, but the time and energy you save by only working with and serving the needs of your highest valued clients will come back to you in many ways.

Face it, liars are liars and there is really nothing you can do to change their behavior, in fact you might even go crazy trying. The best use of your energy is to indentify those people, customers and vendors you want to do business with, as well as the ones you don’t, and run your business accordingly.

So the next time you have someone cut you off or demonstrate some other random act of stupidity, simply think of that as a sign, a piece of knowledge that you now know what type of person you are dealing with and understand… that is just them… that’s the way they are.

To Your Success,
Terry Bryan